The Growing Need for Affordable Housing

The Growing Need for Affordable Housing

Across the United States there is a growing need for affordable housing. As a community, it is essential that we are able to keep rents affordable and the demand is growing will the supply is dwindling.

To put this into context, a joint study by Hoyt Advisory Services, we will need 4.6 million new households by 2030 or 325,000 units annually just to keep up with demand. While this statistic is nation wide, all major US cities will need to meet the demand if we want thriving communities.

The supply for affordable housing is already low and the government incentives are minimal and due to recent budget cuts, there will be less and less monies allocated for house subsidies.

If this issue is not addressed, experts suggest that this can lead to other social problems such as homelessness, jobless, hunger, drug abuse, and violence.

As a community we must do our part to protect affordable housing. This is the mission of House Guys USA. We are connecting with investors and partnering with local agencies to restore properties in Midtown Kansas City to provide safe, quality, and affordable housing for families.

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