Sample Page

House Guys USA is a highly motivated, full-service real estate investment and management team that acquires, develops and manages properties in under-valued real estate markets.  Our strength is generated from our commitment to our team, our residents, our investors, and our community.
Our Team
We are committed to the recruitment and development of the best individuals in our field.  The House Guys team consists of property managers, administrative assistants, and professional service vendors that specialize in our real estate market.
Our Residents
We are committed to providing our family of residents with safe affordable housing and responsive management, establishing enjoyable living environments.  With integrity and professionalism, we are sensitive to our residents needs and dedicated to their satisfaction.
Our Investors
We are committed to long-term profitability in all real estate projects.  As experts in our market, we seek to minimize risk and maximize returns.
Our Community
We are committed to the enrichment of our community through economic increase, revitalizing residential homes, and actively participating in community projects.  Additionally, a long term goal is to establish a program that will assist in some of our residents becoming home owners.