leftover easter candy recipes
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leftover easter candy recipes

leftover easter candy recipes

Put leftover treats to good use in these recipes for candy corn bark, snack mix, candy bar fudge, and candy bar cakes. Sure, it calls for specific candies like M&M’s and Kit Kat bars, but you can throw in whatever chocolate-based candy you have on hand. Just be sure to keep it out of reach from your kids so they won’t sneak it when you’re not looking! Place it in individual plastic bags or pour some into colored ice cream cones and cover with plastic wrap for a fun presentation. Leftover Candy Recipes Got an extra-big haul from trick-or-treating? Use leftover Easter candy to decorate cakes instead of icing. Jelly Bean Donuts: Finally, a socially acceptable way to eat jellybeans for breakfast. If you've got it, then it will probably taste good in this cookie confection. Stir the candy into batter. (via Melanie Makes), 4. —Dawn Lowenstein, Hatboro, Pennsylvania, Leftover candy: M&M's These irresistible bars can sweeten any holiday. I often double the recipe to give as gifts. We got you with this gooey, chocolatey, peanut buttery dip, topped with golden brown leftover Peeps. PR pro for yourself and your brand! 2. (via Something Swanky), 8. Copyright © 2020 SheKnows Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. —Patricia Schroedl, Jefferson, Wisconsin, Leftover candy: Peeps, Egg-shaped candies This is a fun, kid-friendly recipe I pulled together a few years ago. Woman's Day participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Chocolate Cadbury Egg Cookies: Chocolate lovers will go wild for these cookies. Case in point: the seriously underrated Take Five candy bars. Just make sure to match the flavor of the jellybean with the flavor of your martini or other adult libation. Peanut Butter Chocolate Nests: This dessert is a work of art, both in your mouth and to the naked eye. By that logic, we’ll have two, please. Beat in eggs one at a time, then beat in almond and vanilla extract and sour cream. What’s even better is the Cadbury eggs are five times as big as chocolate chips. Easy Whopper Egg Cupcakes – Your Cup of Cake, 9. Posted by Jenny Potter on December 21, 2016 Before you throw away the those last few candy canes, consider turning them into something fresh, minty and festive. to help you accomplish more on your entrepreneurial journey. Share them with family and friends. Jelly Bean & Peeps Rice Krispies Treats. Get the recipe at The Creativity Exchange. Talk about a trail mix treat!

Office Depot OfficeMax have the solutions to help you organize & save time & create the perfect workspace to help craft your story. Take on Apple Pie, The Sold-Out Baby Yoda Hot Cocoa Bomb Is Back In Stock & It Makes for the Perfect Stocking Stuffer. Loaded Candy Bar Brownies – I Heart Naptime, 12. Melt butter in a large pot over low heat. My kids love helping me make these. Peeps Candy Bars: It’s a fact: Food becomes irresistible when it’s brightly colored and pretty — also if it’s topped with sugar coated marshmallows. Subscribe to our newsletter.Plus, get access to the latest and greatest content from Brit + Co. Easter is over, and you have more leftover pastel candy than you know what to do with. ), 19 Instant Pot Recipes for When You’re Even Too Busy for a Slow Cooker, 30 Easy Crock-Pot Meals You Can Prep in 20 Minutes or Less, 45 Beginner Instant Pot Recipes for Easy Weeknight Dinners, 35 Easy Lunch Recipes You Can Make in 5 Minutes (or Less! (via Delightful E Made), 15. (via Dessert Now Dinner Later), 11. Twix Cheesecake Bars: Creamy cheesecake + crunchy Twix Bars = the ultimate dessert. —Fay Moreland, Wichita Falls, Texas. Let cake cool for a few minutes then remove cake from pan and let cool fully. —Jessica Boivin, Nekoosa, Wisconsin, Leftover candy: M&M's I often make a big batch of these peanut butter-flavored cereal bars on days that I don't want to heat up the kitchen. They are so easy to make and disappear just as fast. The light, sweet coating is great over cereal, peanuts, pretzels and M&M's. 2. Then layer in the message of your brand and what it can offer or teach other people or companies. So remember that you have all the tools you need right now to unleash your message into the world and get the media attention you want. Okay, so that might not be a statistic yet, but based on these Peeps candy bars, we can vouch for it. Leftover Candy Stuffed Brownies: This delicious brownie recipe is filled with all your favorite candy (or whatever candy you happen to have on hand). (via Averie Cooks), 20. The only thing better than Cadbury Mini Eggs is a … Is it to get the word out that a game-changing problem-solving product exists? Toss leftover Easter candy into your favorite trail mix and you’ll have a sweet on-the-go snack. For starters, the cookie base is chocolate. Making a variety of desserts will not only make the best use of your leftover Easter candy, it will also keep your kids from eating candy all day long and, bonus, you get to enjoy their candy, too! Virtual Babysitting Is Winning Over Parents, Why You Have Vivid Dreams During Quarantine, The Best Indoor Plants to Liven Up Your Home, 10 Carrot-Shaped Easter Treats That Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. M&Ms or pastel-hued candy-coated almonds add color when sprinkled over desserts, and that one large Easter egg or bunny can be the centerpiece decoration for a frosted cake. Chopping up extra Easter candy and adding it to pancake, waffle or muffin mix can create a special kid-friendly breakfast, and adding it to cake or brownie batters or cookie dough also makes a unique array of sweet treats. Mix in Peeps and stir until well combined and melted together. Try these sweet birds nest cookies. If your child's Easter basket was full of these springtime M&M's candies, then this recipe will help you make the most of them. Cadbury Mini Egg Skillet Cookie. Beat sugar, eggs, butter, and vanilla in a larger bowl until well combined. —Pam Painter, Poseyville, Indiana, Leftover candy: Mini peanut butter cups Using just five ingredients makes this recipe so simple. Candy Bar Pie: Put your leftover pie crust and leftover candy to good use with this pie. Don't be surprised if the kids ask for this snack all year! 1 pound bittersweet chocolate, chopped or bittersweet chocolate chips —Carol Kitchens, Ridgeland, Mississippi, Leftover candy: Milk chocolate candy bars The ever-popular combination of strawberries and chocolate shines in these rich, decadent truffles. My mother got this recipe from a fellow teacher at her school. The founder's journey is a great starting point. Directions:1. Your sweet tooth is satisfied in under five minutes using ingredients you already had in your pantry. Swap out butter for coconut oil for a slightly healthier twist. From journals to marketing materials, Office Depot OfficeMax is your go-to for all business solutions.

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